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Cloud Telephony support: Remote or In-Person?

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In the evolving landscape of business communications, a pivotal question arises: Should cloud telephony support be conducted remotely or in person? As remote working becomes the norm, the corporate sphere is increasingly gravitating towards cloud-based telephony systems.

Significantly, a study shows that 65% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay a 5% premium for exceptional customer service — standard businesses strive to uphold using their support teams. The decision between remote and in-person support, however, is not one-size-fits-all.

This blog will delve into the pros and cons of both support formats to guide you through selecting the most suitable approach for your company's cloud telephony needs. Join us to discern the optimal path for stellar customer support in your organization.



1. Defining Technical Support

Technical support is an essential service to ensure that users can use technology efficiently and without complications. It is also known as technical customer service or IT support and aims to offer help and assistance with problems and doubts that may arise with hardware, software, networks, and other technological products.

With technical support, users can count on the peace of mind of knowing that they will have expert help whenever they require it.

2. Types of Technical Support

— First-Level Support: The initial contact that resolves common technical concerns with straightforward solutions.
— Second-Level Support: These experts tackle more complex issues than first-level technicians, and escalate.
— Third-Level Support: This tier addresses the most intricate issues, often collaborating with developers or manufacturers.

3. In-person support

In-person support is comforting, providing tangible reassurance and tailored attention. It's particularly valuable for non-tech-savvy VoIP users who appreciate the direct human connection.

3.1 Perks of In-Person Support

— Personal engagement.
— Speedy on-site trouble resolution.
— Ideal for hardware-related complexities.

4. Remote Support

Embodying the essence of cloud philosophy, remote support transcends geographic barriers, offering swift assistance that aligns with the 'access-anywhere' premise of cloud services.

4.1 Benefits of Remote Assistance

— Quicker resolution with no travel delays.
— Cost-effective with no additional fees for on-site presence.
— Flexible support across various time zones and locations.


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Every business has its peculiarities. While some may benefit from the human touch of face-to-face support, others may value the agility and savings offered by remote support.

It is crucial to thoroughly understand both the business and the technology at play to make the most informed decision.

6. Channels for Technical Support

— Telephone: Immediate voice support at your fingertips.
— Online Chat: Real-time assistance via your website.
— Email: Written communication for non-urgent queries.
— Remote Assistance: Technicians virtually resolve issues.
— On-Site Service:  An option for unresolvable remote issues.

Virtual-Call understands the importance of technical support and its direct impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction. An agile and accurate service strengthens confidence in our brand and the solutions we provide.

7. The importance of Cloud Telephony education

Education is key to understanding cloud telephony and related technical support. Telephony companies and customers need to speak the same technological language if there is to be an effective and successful partnership.

Workshops, tutorials, and training sessions can be valuable tools for increasing end users' knowledge of and confidence in the Cloud PBX system and SIP Trunk.

8. Conclusion

The future of business telephony is in the cloud, and evolved technical support will accompany this journey. Whether it's face-to-face or a video call away, what really matters is the quality of service and the effectiveness of problem-solving.

We understand that every business is unique, and regardless of the location, what prevails is excellence in service and effective resolution of technical issues. Our commitment is to your success and excellence in communication.

Find out more about cloud telephony and technical support by scheduling a free consultation with our experts. We'll simplify technology so that your business doesn't just keep pace with innovation — it defines it.

Virtual-Call Online Support at a glance

Standard Services

— Integration of new functions.
— Provision of bug fixes.
— Compliance with legal updates.
— Regular platform upgrades.
— Systematic software troubleshooting.

Premium Support

— Dedicated remote support.
— Direct phone consultancy.
— Custom cloud PBX configuration.
— Assistance with third-party networks and devices.

Ready to transform your company's communications? Contact us now to explore Virtual-Call's cloud telephony solutions and experience unparalleled support tailored to your needs.

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Research source: 65% of US consumers would pay 5% more for products if they knew they would receive outstanding customer service.