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Virtual-Call: Your certified SIP Trunk provider for STARFACE

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Telecommunications are evolving rapidly, and today's businesses require the most flexible and high-performing solutions.

Virtual-Call, known for its quality and reliability in the industry, is proud to be recognized as a certified SIP trunk provider for Starface. This partnership symbolizes our commitment to the highest standards and customized VoIP services for our customers.



Starface represents the pinnacle in German engineering of IP telephone systems and VoIP software, celebrated for flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness. Through the certification of our SIP trunks with Starface and the compatibility with Starface, Virtual-Call expands its product range of high-quality communication solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of modern companies.

2. Advantages of a Certified SIP TRUNK with Starface

Choosing a Starface-certified SIP trunk provider like Virtual-Call offers numerous benefits, including:

✅ Smooth integration with current IT setups.
✅ The highest security protocols.
✅ An extensive range of enhanced communication features.
✅ Access to dedicated customer service and expert technical support.
✅ Consistent system updates and improvements.

Certified SIP Trunking provider Virtual-call



3. Embrace a Future-Proof Strategy

Select Virtual-Call to seamlessly integrate your Starface telephone systems, reaping the benefits of a straightforward, secure, and intuitive experience. With our SIP trunk services, you can unite your head office and international branches under one account efficiency, clarity, and security on a global scale.

No matter where your business calls home, Germany, Spain, the UK, you'll have a single point of contact, consolidated billing, and a multilingual team ready to support all your communication needs.


Virtual-Call, certified by Starface, deepens our determination to make connections around the world. Our integration with Starface is your gateway to informed, future-proof business communication options.

Virtual-Call's bespoke solutions are designed to meet today's business requirements while anticipating tomorrow's telecom trends.

Ready to maximize your Starface system's potential with Virtual-Call? Start comparing Virtual-Call's features directly, and propel your business communications into the future.

We connect you to the world! 🌏